Tuesday, January 18


Well, the first time I went out on my own / I was a young man, almost seventeen right down to that day / Well, I packed up all my things, grabbed my bag and kissed my mother and told her that I`d be back some day /

So I jumped into the back of an eighteen wheeler and ignored destination, didnt't even ask / With the wisdom that my father gave me ringing in my head so clearly / Son, this world`s gonna kick you in the ass /

I wanna go there and I`m not scared / Our turn`s just begun / Oh yeah / Life goes by so damn quickly and for me / I wanna have some fun /

Now looking back on all the days gone by / I sit and wonder what it would be like if I never went away / Would I see the world the way I do? / The memories that brought me to this place that I call my home today? /

This song by the Mad Caddies gave me a wonderful idea. After working during summer break I should just pack a bag, grab my guitar and some cash and leave Belgium for awhile. Just go, somewhere, I don't care, and do what I want. And when I'm tired of it, I'll just return home.

Thursday, December 30

A word is worth more

Welcome to my blog. Like many internet users I decided to follow one of the most popular recent web trends: creating a blog. You probably already know what a blog is, so I won't bother to explain. If you really need an explanation, fine one at Urbandictionary.com .

While I speak Dutch in my normal everyday life (of course, I live in Belgium) I blog in English. Why? English is the universal language, the language practically anyone with a spark of intellect understands and the language I feel everyone should speak. My English may not be the best, but at least it will get better by doing some serious writing.

Check back later for drunken stories, conspiracy theories, love and friendship frustrations and more.

Blogger vs. hard work

Blogger is an easy medium. It can be used by anyone who knows how to click and read; in fact I believe you can learn the most complicated things by just reading about them, but that's a bit off-topic. I am proficient with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Both of them, combined with notepad make the ideal programs to create a website. However, to create a website where you can post information quickly and easily you better have some php skills: and that is what I lack. So I chose for blogger.com instead of creating a whole new website.

I'll get tired of this blogging thing very soon anyway.